Entry Point


ODETTA Digital
January 13 - June 8, 2023
Exclusively on Artsy


Tomoko Amaki Abe, Denise Adler, Monique Allain, Beth Barry, Fran Beallor, Jeff Becker, Laura Bell, Suzanne Benton, Emily Berger, Stephanie Bernheim, Charles Birnbaum, Marco Bras, Barbara Campisi, Amy Cheng, John Cox, Michael Dal Cerro, Vincent Dion, Jessica Dowling, Susan Dumas, Camille Eskell, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Robin Feld, Joan Fitzsimmons, Cora Jane Glasser, Mimi Graminski, Ed Grant, Joan Grubin, Matti Wim Havens, Barbara Hocker, Adam S. Hoch, Bob Keating, Brigid Kennedy, Natalya Khorover, Melissa Kraft, Barbara Lubliner, Joanne Lobotsky, Cynthia MacCollum, Nancy McTague-Stock, Nancy Manter, Nina Meledandri, Patricia Moss-Vreeland, Ginny O’Brien, Barbara O'Shea, Lisa Pressman, Peggy Reeves, Joan B Reutershan, Fiona Ross, Anne Rynearson, Christina Saj, Andra Samelson, Jane Sangerman, Suzan Shutan, Marjorie Sopkin, Constance Stancell, Judith Steinberg, Linda Turner, Lydia Viscardi, Annette Weintraub

We had a terrific finish to the 2022 year with our first in-person exhibition as ODETTA Digital with “Exquisite Codes,” featured at Aqua Miami Art Fair in December. There, we created a template for artists to exhibit two artworks of the same size and price. This format made it easy to travel the artworks to Miami, and offer collectors framed original works of art at affordable prices.

Combining the best of the online exhibitions on Artsy with in-person exhibitions expands the artists’ audience through a scaled down real life example, demonstrating the quality presented in their larger portfolios online. Visitors to these hybrid exhibitions have the opportunity to scan the artists’ works through a QR code. They also have the option to begin collecting their favorite artists by purchasing the smaller works on view IRL (In Real Life).

With “Entry Point” I am duplicating this model, modifying the scale, to continue road-testing this concept to see what motivates viewers, both online and iRL.

The quality of work remains consistently high and demonstrates the diversity in materials that contemporary artists choose. The subject matter most often revolves around environmental concerns. Those works that offer a narrative tend to have a dry humor and an air of nostalgia.

We hope you’ll follow us on Instagram as we create a swell of attention with our orchestrated group launch this weekend. These digital group events result in our strengthening our community as an interactive virtual “opening reception.”

Look for all of us on Instagram this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, January 14 and 15th.

SHIM Art Network is an art exhibition company that fills the gaps in the art world, providing exhibition opportunities to artists, curators, galleries, universities, and other organizations and affiliations with exhibition space for their projects on- and off-line.

  • Entry Point- Odetta Digital
  • Entry Point- Odetta Digital
  • Entry Point- Odetta Digital
  • Entry Point- Odetta Digital
  • Entry Point- Odetta Digital
  • Entry Point- Odetta Digital


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