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Audrey Stone
Outliers Cousin

Nancy Baker

Stephen Maine
Drawing 3

Rob de Oude
Misty Limit

Elizabeth Gourlay

Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher
Ending at the Beginning

Ryan Sarah Murphy
All-Division 1

Jesse Hickman
Note Three Twenty Seven Sixteen A

Gelah Penn
Polyglot #31

Gil Scullion
You First

Rita Valley
Upside Down Back

Carla Rae Johnson
PTSD Week 72

Patricia Dahlman

Dana Kane
Kelly Girls 2

Copper Giloth
Alphabet Gestures, 38

Suzanne Benton
Renaissance Maiden

Carla Rae Johnson
PTSD Week 60

Meg Hitchcock
Forgive Me No. 3

Copper Giloth
Alphabet Gestures 01

Nancy Baker
Green Pi