ODETTA is a new gallery exhibiting works by mid-career artists who have honed their craft and their vision. Special interest in contemporary painting, glyphs, music, color field, buddha mind, minimalism, playfulness and encyclopaedic obsessiveness.

Jim Hett
Freehand, Ink,
Line Drawing of the View from Inside Odetta Gallery, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to the Great Outdoors, in June of 2015 Ink on paper

I was originally attracted to making this drawing by the appearance of two Hopperesque buildings in the distance, their silhouettes altered by the newfangled TV satellite dishes mounted atop their roofs and their electrical cords haphazardly dangling down the front side of one of the buildings, into windows below; technology that didn't exist in Hopper's day, but that would have likely remained in the picture, if it had been one of his own. But, the buildings became only a small portion of the drawing. From within the gallery, a place for the display of artworks and in this case a sanctuary for the creation of one, I depleted the scene of its color and made the drawing as if running a finger along the line and edge of every object and spacial layer in front of me. Less detailed, spiraling areas of white, animate and balance the drawing while each frame of the gallery's exterior front, breaks the chaotic scene into a drawing of its own; a wall of changing graffiti and an ever evolving cityscape, with a welcome mat at the portal between inside and out.

Note: Gallery will close for show change on August 24 and will reopen September 11 with Seeing Sound.

Seeing Sound is the gallery’s eleventh exhibition, as we enter our fall season.


229 Cook Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Gallery hours are Friday thru Sunday 1-6 pm, and by appointment.

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